True, most homes today do have a sump pump system! And for a good reason – these often unnoticed features have been keeping water out of basements since around the 1940’s. They became popular during the post WWII housing explosion.

If you’re planning on adding more space to your home by finishing your basement, then this is a critical feature you don’t want to forget.

What is it?

A sump pump is really just a component of a system that keeps water out of your basement. The perimeter of your foundation is laid with a semi permeable product called drain tile that allows ground water to seep into the pores of the tube and be routed to the sump pit. The sump pump has a float on it that triggers the electronic pump when the water reaches a certain height in the pit.

This ingenious system is wonderful – but not fool proof.

Older sump systems may have been constructed with clay drain tiles. These drain tiles are prone to collapsing and clogging the drain system as the soil shifts over time. Meaning your sump system may only be evacuating part of the water trying to creep into your basement.

The pumps are also mechanical – which means they are prone to failure. If the pump fails, that means water will not be evacuated and your basement will likely flood.

Do I Need One?

YES! Even if you already have a sump pump – it’s important to get it inspected before finishing your basement. If the unit is more than 5 years old, you may even consider replacing it as a precautionary action.

The last thing you want after investing in your basement is for a flood to ruin the beautiful new space!

Are There Any Additional Backups?

Again – YES! We always recommend that our clients install a monitoring system as an added layer of protection. We can install them OR you can simply buy a DIY friendly version. Below is a list of the top 3 products we recommend.


Peace of mind is the key with these products. You can set them up for text alerts so even if your on vacation you can act fast!