This is a common question we’ve come across and there are a few different ways you can fasten your shed to concrete. We’re assuming the shed is one that is framed in place, not one of the prefabricated sheds you can buy from the hardware store. If your shed is small enough, you probably built it on a concrete slab, but always check your local building codes to see if a foundation is required.

To secure your shed to the concrete you really have two options.

The first is to use an “L” or “J” bolt. These bolts are essentially a threaded rod with a hook or “L” shape on the end that is embedded in the concrete before it cures. Once the concrete cures you can cut holes in the bottom plates of your walls, slide them over the bolts, and tighten a washer & nut over the threads to fasten the wall.

We consider this to be an old school method, albeit, one that is still commonly used.

An easier method we have found is to use something called a wedge anchor and concrete epoxy combination. The wedge anchors can be installed after the framing is tilted in place and braced. The epoxy is just a little extra insurance we like to include to ensure that the anchors stay firmly embedded.

To be honest, the wedge anchor method is also much more DIY friendly. So if you plan on building your own shed, check your local building codes to see if this is an approved method for your area.